Radical Self Care: An Introduction to Ayurveda w/ Lisa Scarborough

Hosted by Saltability Retreat

What time do you go to bed? Wake up? Eat your meals? Exercise? Understanding how and when to practice daily self-care from bathing to eating and exercising has great significance in your overall well- being. Yoga and its’ sister science, Ayurveda, offers us a clear path towards absolute balance. Join Lisa Scarborough, Ayurvedic Health Counselor for a look into this fascinating science that reveals the rhythms of the natural world around us and how we can tune into these rhythms daily and seasonally to create a life of vitality, health and longevity. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the diet and lifestyle practices that best suit your unique constitution. Learn the best time of day to exercise and what time is best for productivity, rest and meals. Understand the science behind daily self-care practices such as tongue scraping and oil pulling. You will leave this workshop with a personal daily routine that will bring all aspects of your life into radiant balance.