Beginners Hula Hoop Dance with Stephanie

Hosted by Saltability Retreat

Stephanie will be Teaching you On Body moves, as well as Off Body moves, so please wear comfortable form fitting clothes.
★ Establish a good foundation of correct movements.
★ Hula Hoop in both directions at Core.
★ Hula Hoop Saves (How to keep it up)
★ Feeling your Space in the Hoop.
★ Getting inside your Hoop.
★ Off Body Moves ○ Front Hand Spin ○ Side Hand Spin ○ Looping ○ Halo
Please arrive Early as we will stretch before class!!!
Class will be held outside so please dress for the weather but form fitting clothing.
All Adult Size Hula Hoop will be provided.
Adult Practice Hula Hoops are available for Purchase at Saltability Retreat - 35.00. (Custom Made Hoops Upon Request)

Walking Guide

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