November 2018

Discover an eclectic mix of Artisan jewelry and gifts for the home made from fabric, cork, leather, copper and mixed metals.


          This shop is celebrating 11 years in the village this month! Artisans Nest has grown and evolved here in the village to offer an eclectic mix of Artisan jewelry and gifts for the home. This shop is always stocked with all kinds of accessories made from fabric, cork, leather, copper, and mixed metals. The owner, Debbie DiPaolo, has a diverse background in the retail industry. She has worked in retail for the greater part of her career. She spent a few years at Macy’s and Wanamaker’s before diving into flower shops and gift shop merchandising. She carries experience as a floral designer and studied landscape architecture. Debbie’s past experiences have shaped her into the amazing shop owner she is today!

          As most of us do, Debbie fell in love with the quaint small-town feel that fills Skippack Village. Artisans Nest’s first opened in a chicken coop behind the shop’s current location. When the space became available, Debbie jumped on it. Artisans Nest is currently located behind another well-seasoned resident, Le Butler’s Pantry. Although jewelry has always been the focus in this shop, moving to a larger space has allowed Debbie to fill Artisans Nest with more than jewelry! Debbie has no rules when it comes to selling art other than she must love what she sells! She likes local products, but some things in Artisans Nest come from as far away as Israel. Debbie shops for her product at hand made shows and strives to keep a diverse mix of artists. She also has grown relationships with local artists who she deals with directly. Pieces from local artists including Sherry Tinsman of New Hope, Angela Duffin of Philadelphia and Woods and Willow of Audubon can all be found at Artisans Nest. If you’d like to learn more about the beautiful pieces of art at Artisans Nest stop in for a trunk show! The next one will feature Woods and Willow on Saturday November 10th. Meet the artist behind the jewelry, Janet Reimund, and see all of her nature inspired, one-of-a-kind pieces!

          Debbie tries to sell things you won’t find in other shops nearby. Most of the artists featured in Artisans Nest respect that and feel the same way. You’ll find something uniquely different every time you walk through Artisans Nest’s door! The shop truly offers something for everyone, whether your style is bold or subtle. Artisans Nest is always posting new items on Facebook and their website. Like their page and stop in Artisans Nest soon!


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