Art matters, but people in art matter more. 
Adapting to meet the current needs of the community, life takes new shape at Black Sheep Pottery through daily one-on-one lessons, private family celebrations, online clay workshops, custom orders to commemorate milestones and special occasion, and even a new personal shopping studio for that mug you’ve always wanted. 
Newly renovated, Black Sheep Pottery boasts spacious layouts for the Pottery Art School, a dedicated Ceramic Painting studio, an expanded Members Open Studio space and an exciting Gallery addition displaying sculpture, painting and hand made pottery.
Enthusiasts of all ages, interests and abilities are welcome here to express their ideas in art by sculpting, painting or turning clay on the potter’s wheel. There are new techniques and seasonal projects offered every month. Private instruction for lessons, classes and events, as well as personal shopping, are by appointment at your convenience.
Established by artist Nicole Dubrow in 2007, Black Sheep Pottery provides a professionally equipped ceramic studio for people to explore the art of pottery. Unique to our studio, all art work is centered around clay materials providing art experiences for all levels of learning and appreciation.
This year celebrates our thirteenth year building community in Skippack Village Center Square. Find our hand made pottery works at Historic events, school art programs, art festivals and even at esteemed regional restaurants plating your favorite meals. 
Working with clay materials is as diverse in nature as it is rich in heritage. 
Visit for art school offerings and pottery for sale. Book a private time using the online reservation desk and join us in the studio!
Stay safe and see you soon!

Upcoming Events in Skippack Village

Mason Jar Succulent Workshop by Floral and Hardy of Skippack

January 30

Valentine's Day Workshop Weekend by Floral and Hardy of Skippack

February 13