i76 Solutions Prioritizes Analytics Practice To Drive Client Success


Skippack Village's marketing agency has a new home in a hi-tech building where the focus is on data and analytics - literally - to ensure client success.


i76 Solutions, a full-service strategic marketing agency and Google Partner, with particular expertise in driving results for their clients through digital marketing, recently relocated its headquarters to 676 W. Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting, PA, a Philadelphia suburb that sits at the hub of I-276, I-476 and just a few miles from I-76.


As part of the marketing agency’s move, the new office, located inside a historic building that is rumored to have once been part of the Underground Railroad, has been transformed into a hi-tech office and data center where client campaigns are monitored in real-time throughout the building on digital screens.


Drew Salamone, the President and Founder of the agency, has had a vision for the technology build out since the agency’s start years ago.  “Data drives every decision we make today.  But there is way too much of it coming at us, from all directions, at the same time.  We needed a solution that would allow everyone in the agency to have accountability for the outcome of our client’s campaigns.  When it comes to success, we all have to speak the language and we all have to be on the same page.  Missing a data trend or competitive opportunity can be the difference between a campaign’s success or failure.”, said Salamone.


Strategically-placed monitors throughout the building rotate through client campaign dashboards during the workday so that everyone in the agency can monitor activity across multi-channel marketing campaigns.  Screens located in every employee office, in every department, all the way down to the employee lounge and kitchen, showcase the current active campaigns for the agency’s roster of clients.


“If a client’s radio or TV campaign is active in a market, we want to see the traffic it’s driving to their website in real-time and the effect it has on visitors over time. By the same token, monitoring search queries that trigger paid search ads as they happen allows us to optimize more efficiently, ultimately driving higher CTR’s and better results for our clients.”, Salamone stated.


i76 Solutions’ Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy, Alexa Minnick, leads the agency’s digital practice in the areas of search, social media, display advertising, SMS, email & direct mail, video, and content. “We have always been a forward-thinking digital agency at the core, and now our digital analytics dashboard network helps us drive top-notch performance across all our client marketing campaigns.  But it goes beyond just understanding and monitoring that data – this is about making changes and optimizing campaigns as we go to drive success.”, said Minnick.


Decisions to alter the course of a campaign can be made swiftly once enough data is analyzed to ensure clients yield the highest possible return on their marketing investment.  The system allows the agency to monitor real-time digital metrics across search, display and social, traditional media and offline data to get an accurate view of the impact the larger marketing plan has on driving the goals and objectives of a client strategy.


“Layering data from any source and visualizing that on-screen provides us with a complete picture of a client’s marketing funnel and allows us to immediately identify tactics that are driving results.”, said Salamone.


To find out more about i76 Solutions visit their homepage here.

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