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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Some of the i76 Solutions Team

          Ok, so maybe not that long ago.  But just like Star Wars, we start with a story.  Somewhere around the summer of 1996, Drew Salamone, President and CEO of i76 Solutions, started his first business - Global Color Design.  With it's early start in desktop publishing, the company began producing creative and collateral for various businesses throughout the Delaware Valley.  Soon after, as the age of the Internet became a thing, the company added services to support the growing demand.  By 1997, the company became local experts in website design and hosting,  eventually changing it's name to Global Media Solutions.  Afer successfully running the company for 6 years, an opportunity to join NBC Universal came knocking on Drew's door - and it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.  Even though Drew is a serial-entrepreneur-at-heart, for almost 15 years following, Drew continued to work for the "big guy", serving as the Director of Digital Media and Audience Growth for NBC.  Drew was tasked with growing a digital media business in a traditional media world.  That experience provided invaluable insight into just how fragmented the world of advertising had become with the introduction of the Internet and all the digital platforms powered by it.  Nobody's brand was safe and agencies across the United States were trying to figure out how to stay relevant.  Many of them still are.


          After his departure from what was now Comcast NBC Universal in late 2012, i76 Solutions was born in January of 2013.  Knowing the fragmented agency market first-hand, the core of the business was focused on fixing what was broken with other agencies - their complete understanding of how digital marketing fits into the picture.  How analytics drive everthing we do.  How the focus on the gross amounts of money advertising agencies were making now needs to shift to how successful a campaign can become.  And finally, how there is no more room to hide behind large-scale, mostly unmeasurable media plans with no strategy.  They became the first Google Partner in the state of Pennsylvania and quickly began working with companies across the United States.


          i76 Solutions was founded on strategy and analytics - hitting goals - both short-term and long-term.  As the company continued to grow, and their client needs became more expansive, going beyond just digital strategy and execution, a team of full-service traditional media buying veterans were hired to round-out the media capabilities of the agency.  The agency was recently recognized as a Top 10 Digital Agency in Philadelphia and continues to service clients in every category, both nationally and internationally.  Last year, the agency assumed responsibility for the advertising, marketing and the official website for Skippack Village.  Along with the fantastic leadership team from the Skippack Business Owners Association, and all of its members, Skippack Village is on it's way to becoming a premier travel and tourism destination!


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