July 2018

Helping Clients Become Financially Savvy


          Being part of a community means working to make it better. KeyBank has a deep commitment to making a difference in the communities they exist in. They truly focus on building up communities throughout the country. The Carla Surman, the branch manager at the Skippack location, is the Sponsorship Representative on the Leadership Team of Skippack Business Owners Association. Her goal at KeyBank is to get clients to look at banks as their financial doctor, not a transactional facility. Carla helps her clients become financially savvy. Using tools only found at KeyBank, she evaluates and helps clients’ financial wellness. The Hello Wallet Tool is the one of the biggest benefits of working with KeyBank. If you have assets with different companies, the Hello Wallet Tool makes it easy to monitor those assets by creating one login, so you can view all your financial data from on screen. Another goal of Carla and the Skippack KeyBank is to be involved in the community and make people aware that they are here in the Village. KeyBank tries to always have a presence at Skippack Village events including First Friday, the Car Show, and parades.

          KeyBank’s 2017 National Community Benefits Plan keeps current and future clients, local residents, and the strength and stability of neighborhoods and communities, at the forefront. The Plan spans from Alaska to Maine and covers all 23 of KeyBank’s current markets including Philadelphia. The Plan calls for KeyBank to invest $16.5 billion in its communities over a five-year period which began on January 1, 2017. The KeyBank Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization that focuses on improving lives through three pillars built into their plan: Neighbors, Education, and Workforce. KeyBank’s connection to Skippack is established on the Neighbors Pillar. One of the key objectives of The Neighbors Pillar is to create safe and stable communities. This involves increasing the values of homes as well as an uptick in the number of small businesses providing services and products to residents. KeyBank has committed to a five-year goal of $8.8 billion in community development lending and investment. In Skippack specifically, KeyBank strives to promote small business growth. The bank looks to increase its overall small business lending for by 32 percent during this five-year period.

          Investments in the Neighbors Pillar will include those that support local capacity building, affordable housing, and building of technical assistance for local businesses. The Foundation will continue its focus on service through volunteerism, with the intention of 500,000 employee volunteer hours in the next five years. This Plan has become a part of KeyBank’s long-standing responsible approach to banking, citizenship, and operations. To learn more, visit their website.

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