November 2018

Dentistry For The Whole Family & Beyond!

          Dr. Tuck Hunter, owner of Skippack Village Dentistry, has been a practicing dentist for 45 years and counting! Did you know that 35+ of those years were spent right here in Skippack Village at the dentistry’s current location – 4077 Skippack Pike? At the time upon opening, there were no other dentists in town, and Dr. Hunter just loved the uniqueness of this village, and still does to this day. Skippack Village Dentistry specializes in full-smile makeovers, implant restorations and implant restoration dentistry among many other services. A wide range of general and cosmetic services from fillings to veneers are offered for all ages as well! “Our emphasis is on total preventive care for our patients. This care begins with regular hygiene visits and regular checkups as well as educating the patient on continued home oral health routines.”

          The best part about being a small business is the personal touch found there. What you will find here does not compare to bigger corporate companies. From when you are greeted upon walking in, to leaving with a stronger, healthier smile, the customer is treated as an individual. Their needs are assessed by an expert team of professionals and long-term results are met with a comprehensive plan individualized for each and every person that walks in their doors. This system creates a patient experience that is “both efficient and pleasant.” Patient care and client relationships are of the upmost importance here at Skippack Village Dentistry. One patient reviewed the office and Dr. Hunter by saying, “As someone who has been fearful of dental visits, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hunter’s office. I can’t recommend them enough!” With a glowing review like that, and many more just like it, it’s clear Dr. Hunter and his team put their patients and their individual needs first and foremost.

          One of the many comprehensive services Skippack Village Dentistry offers is called implant restoration. As most of us can relate with, our smile is the root of our confidence. Gaps and missing teeth do so much more than just hurt our self-esteem. Other teeth become susceptible to developing problems in time as well as some daily functions not being able to be fulfilled. These problems have a great solution right here in Skippack at Dr. Hunter’s office – implant restoration. Using the “latest in dental implant technology for replacement teeth that are both natural-looking and long lasting,” Dr. Hunter and his team can and will correct these problem areas to help get you back into daily function and boost that confidence way up with their two-stage implant restoration process.

          Finding a dentist, you are not only comfortable with, but one that can provide you with all of the services your beautiful smile needs and deserves is not easy, but Dr. Hunter and his team make it so! They can be found at Skippack Village Dentistry located at 4077 Skippack Pike, on Facebook and on their website, or by phone at (610) 584-9666!

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