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Why Not Sprout?!

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Just as there is a calm pool at the bottom of a waterfall, there is a calm place within us all where healing occurs.  A place deep in the center of our being that is unaffected by the rushing waters above. 

You are invited to let go of what no longer serves you – and grow beyond it as we move through four areas where we are often blocked:

 Overwhelm  ..  Self-Esteem  ..  Clarity/Vision  ..  EMPOWERMENT

This experiential, integrated workshop includes applied essential oils with meditation and mindfulness strategies.  You will be setting intentions, experiencing guided meditations, journaling about your experiences and sharing your observations and insights when and if you feel called to do so.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing; expect to be directed to apply oils directly on your skin during the workshop.

Extras included in the workshop:

  • The essential oil protocol directions* + 2mL roller bottles of each of the 10 oils used in the workshop
  • An additional 5 blends that you will make yourself + the recipes & directions for use*
  • Optional:  Three follow-on individual sessions to support your journey... Because unexpected things can come up after workshops like this one, we want you to feel held, cared for and supported in the weeks following the event.  You will have 2 months to use your sessions.

Sign up TODAY to reserve your space!

This is your life – BE PRESENT FOR IT!

This workshop is led by Beth Mathews, RN BSN HNC-BC from the Center of Integrated Health and Linda D. Wiesinger, BA Psych, CiPP, CCC from Why Not Sprout?!

  • Our space is small and intimate; Class is limited to 15 humans
  • Workshop only - $65 (includes all the oils you’ll need, the protocol, the blends & recipes with directions)
  • Workshop Package - $95 (includes all the above, PLUS three 30-minute individual sessions with Beth or Linda… a $100 value for just $30)

Prefer to use cash instead of a credit card online?  Please contact Linda directly to make your reservation! or 610.222.0700

Appropriate for adults 18+

*Desiree Mangandog L.A.c, M.S.T.O.M, the creator and author of the protocol, recipes, and the book “I Am Fabulous” that we will be referencing for the essential oils part of the workshop, has graciously granted us permission to copy and distribute this information



A Restorative Yoga Practice is better than dessert!  

In Restorative Yoga, you spend the entire time seated or lying down.  Your body is fully supported with blankets, bolsters, pillows and cushions so that your muscles are able to fully release any tension you have accumulated.  You will feel held, nurtured, and safe.  The quiet nature, deep breathing, calming postures and guided meditation gives your whole being permission to relax deeply. 

And now - we've added heated blankets on the floor so you are warm and toasty!

Here's what people are saying:

“Wednesday night has become a sacred practice for me. I find the more I honor my body by experiencing restorative, the easier my spirit becomes.  I am restored and recharged for the remainder of the week.  The healing and peace I have found has spread into all areas of my life like ripples in a pond.” – Marcia

"I thought I knew how to relax until I felt the total release I experience during restorative yoga.  When I really let go I feel like I am melting into the floor.  Now I don't miss a session and I go every week.  Jamey has a gift for knowing just what small adjustments are needed in any pose to help you feel supported, secure, and able to relax into position." - Wendy

Consider joining us in this wonderful class - offered every Wednesday @ 10:30-11:30 am AND @6:30-7:30 pm.  You can sign up HERE or call Linda at 610.222.0700 for more information!


Exciting News!  We were "LIVE" AT PENN MEDICINE!

On Friday, October 27, I had the privilege of presenting one of our "Mindfulness You Can Use" programs at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia as part of their Advanced Practice Providers week-long celebration.   I want to thank the Task Force Committee (Melanie!) for the invitation, as well as all of the special practice nurses and physician assistants who attended our "Get your "but" out of the way!" workshop. smiley  Here's what people had to say:

“As advance care providers, we are educated to validate what our patients say.  Linda showed us that a “quiet listening” validation is just as valuable.” – Phyllis

“In our busy lives, we rush to convey as much information as possible in a short period of time.  After spending time with Linda, I understand the value of avoiding the words “or” and “but” to get a message across.” – Melanie

“The Mindful Pause is essential… not only for myself - it is an important interaction in any relationship.” – Dawn

“Fun, informative, and very useful… not only for work; important for everyone, every day.” - Mary

... and yes, in case you were wondering - this workshop is offered at our studio in Skippack!  Check it out HERE

Appropriate for adults 18+ 

What's Why Not Sprout?! All About?

People are meant to live into their FULL POTENTIAL - to THRIVE, not just survive - regardless of where they are planted.  Are you ready to discover what's alive in YOU?  

Consider this an invitation to create something new in your life. It's time for you to LIVE VIBRANTLY and SPROUT OUT LOUD!  Bring your curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to grow.

We offer a variety of small-group experiences and individual Strengths & Values coaching – all designed to help support your "growth spurts." Our programs include one-hour "Mindfulness You Can Use" workshops, opportunities to explore and enjoy meditation and contemplative Yoga practices, one-on-one coaching to help you uncover what is strong in you, and longer, more thought-provoking programs to enrich your life and encourage you on your journey. All of our offerings are rooted in positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, and compassionate communication.

Appropriate for adults, 18+

Our Mission - We will work hard to... 

  • Connect people – to themselves, to others, and to ideas that will help raise them up
  • Create a welcoming place where people explore their thoughts, “dig around” in their inner garden, weed out what no longer serves them, and identify & nurture what feeds them
  • Help you slow down and peel back the layers of fast-paced living so that you can live more mindfully

Our Core Beliefs and Philosophies:

  • We humans are meant to live into our full potential with happiness and contentment; we are inherently worthy of love
  • You are not a problem to be fixed or an issue to be solved, like a 30-minute sitcom or an hour-long drama; you are a seed to be nurtured and tended with great care and attention
  • That seed of purpose – of talent – of passion — is already within you, waiting to be born
  • It’s not about changing who you are now, but discovering who you really are deep inside the core of your being – and changing the outside to reflect the inside
  • New growth is precious, and needs to be held with respect and dignity as it struggles to break through and take root
  • Transformation is absolutely possible
  • You CAN change your mind…literally. It is never too late
  • How you listen and express yourself makes a difference in how you understand and are understood
  • Connecting in a meaningful way with other humans is necessary – even for us Introverts
  • A full and meaningful life does not eradicate difficult emotions – instead, when we notice and accept them, learn from them, and integrate them, we grow from them – and they soften their hold on us

Our Promise to You:

  • You will be met with unconditional positive regard and a non-judgmental mind
  • All approaches and strategies offered in this practice for growing, thriving and resilience are grounded in theory, supported by research, and supplemented by the scientific study of optimal human functioning (also known as positive psychology)
  • We will support your growth, offer you options, and help you identify and expand your possibilities; we will not tell you what to do or advise you as to how you “should” live your life. The choice is always yours to make
  • Whatever you share will be heard compassionately and held in confidence. We respect your privacy and appreciate your openness


Hours of Operation

Our hours are largely based on scheduled offerings or by appointment. We usually have "stop in" hours on Saturday afternoons from ~11 till 3 or 4 pm. You may run into me by happy coincidence! I am here most days of the week - you are invited to stop in if a program is not in session (you'll know by the sign on the door :))

Why Not Sprout?!

4039 Skippack Pike
Skippack, PA 19474

(610) 222-0700



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