Paint Your Cake and Eat it Too - Gouache Workshop with Margaret Wiseheart Anderson

Hosted at Regina Marie Designs Fine Art & Crafts Gallery

Paint Your Cake and Eat it Too - Gouache Workshop


Instructor: Margaret Wiseheart Anderson

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Price: $75.00 (all materials and cake!)

Beginners Workshop


This class is a still life study of one of our favorite and prettiest food items…CAKE! 

You will receive detailed instructions for setting up your own 8 x 10 individual still life. Margaret will guide you through a quick drawing lesson, followed by  step by step instructions on painting with gouache.


Gouache is a water soluble. matte finish paint, similar to tempera paint or egg wash, and is very forgiving since it can be reactivated after it has dried so that you can make changes (unlike watercolors or acrylic).

You will be provided with all the materials that you will need including brushes, paint and painting surface.


Your subject matter can be devoured or taken home for the continuation of your painting or to let them eat cake.